Tyres and Wipers

wbIt’s not usually until the first drop of rain that we give our wiper blades a thought. By then it’s usually when we’re in a rush to get somewhere when we discover the blades are worn out and making horrible noises or leaving streaks across the screen. Likewise with our tyres. Two fairy critical items on our cars though aren’t they? Being able to see where we’re going and having good grip on a wet road are two items you shouldn’t discover when it’s too late.

Here’s a  couple of quick tips that may make visibility a bit easier this winter. Firstly, get some window cleaner and some newspaper and give the inside of all your windows a good clean. Newspaper works very well and a couple of quick mists on the interior glass will remove dirt, finger prints and other grime that make it heard to see. Also if you find your windows fog up when it’s raining, just turn your air conditioner on with your heater and set the blower to demist the screen. Yes in summer time the A/C is designed to keep you cool, however in winter time with the heater on, the A/C will de-humidify the air, quickly clearing your screen whilst you stay toasty and warm. wt

If you haven’t had your wiper blades or tyres checked lately, then maybe it’s time to have a quick look? If you’re not sure how to check your tyres or change your wiper blades,  just give us a call or Contact Us, we’re more than happy to help.